November 17, 2016


The most romantic idea that almost never lived.

Did you know without your curiosity our candle company wouldn’t exist?

It’s true.

It was years ago.

Working in lounges and nightclubs, I would see the most beautiful bottles of champagne popped in celebration.

Once finished, the empty bottle was shoved upside down back into the champagne bucket. Signaling it was retired and destined for the trash.

Every once in a while people would take home the bottle as a memory. But what can you really do with an empty bottle besides put it on a shelf?

Jam a candlestick in the top?

Then we reframed our thinking…What if the bottle could BE the candle?

Now THAT would be a cool way to keep the memory alive.

The first few people we shared the idea with were pumped! They were curious about how we could do this.

So were we.

It was the start of the community. It gave us the confidence to start this journey that breathes new life into these candles.

When we started, we knew we were a little different than most in the candle industry.

Everyone else seemed to be ordering candle containers from China by the 10,000’s and mass filling them for worldwide distribution.

We weren’t. We couldn’t. It’s the truth. Our process is too personal.

We hand select raw bottles locally from the trash and transform each one by hand. Our fragrances are small batched for our limited collections. We then package each one with its entire story to be delivered to you.

We try to brighten the world by giving new life to forgotten bottles. This is why we do what we do.

If you see a “sold out” candle on the site, there is no such thing as reordering from the manufacturer. It must be created. Bottles tracked down. Each one transformed into a candle by hand.

We respect what the bigger candle corporations have to do. Honestly, we have to thank them. They give us a nice little space to truly create our light for those paying attention.

Secretly we enjoy being renegade artists producing extraordinary work.

We choose beauty, quality, and celebration of transformation because it is all we know. And to have the chance to share it with you, who can feel the difference makes ALL the difference to us.

Thank you.

A lot of people will look at this letter and dismiss it or unsubscribe. And to be honest that is perfectly OK with us. Really, no hard feelings. Feel free to come back any time.

But know that if you stay, we are creating something here and we want you engaged. We want you to stay curious. If you have read this far you probably know how essential you are. You should also know we reward those closest to us.

Without you we would be the most romantic idea that never lived.

That is the truth. Thank you. Again.


Curious what you think about the site. We simplified the candle collections. Enhanced the story lines of why we do what we do.

Also, hit reply and leave a comment below.  Let us know if you have your eye on any of our beauties. We always love hearing about which of our creations speak to you.
October 30, 2016


Creating a 1942 Rocks Glass

Happy Sunday!

Just wanted to share a quick video highlighting the process of transforming a bottle into a rocks glass.  

As you can see, it is a family affair.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!


October 17, 2016


Crystal Skull

Do you decorate for Halloween?

I don’t know about you, but with Halloween, the word "decorate" brings to mind images of my junior high school cafeteria.

Long tables in rows, mismatched chairs, cool kids by the window. Loud…

It's pizza day.

Everything is as it should be. Except starting October 1st, each door now has a friendly ghost or rolly-eyed witch in mid cackle. Flat paper skeletons hang every other wall with brass tacks at the joints lifeless. Maybe a festive lunch lady has a fake spider dangling from her hair net.

Looking back it was the same rerun of clichéd characters. Afterthoughts slapped up with no real ties to the Hallows Eve tradition.

“Whoa! Easy! It's just school decorations for Halloween. What's the big deal?”

You’re right!

As kids we didn’t care about quality design or refinement. All we knew was we had to costume it up to collect miniature candies at the end of the month.

BUT I do feel the season’s conventional ideas of decor were implanted in our being, unquestioned all those years ago.

What if it could be just a little different? Updated. For us.

What if the season of kid friendly spooooookiness still coasts along the surface like normal, but underneath for us, is a pulse of clandestine sophistication?

What if as the cool air comes in this year, after the pumpkins have settled on the porch steps, wine is poured and the house is finally still, you arrange a special skull on your coffee table.

"Hang on. Wait, what??"

This is a different type of skull. No bone. Think crystal.

This is the most unique candle we create.

A skull concept redesigned as a transparent vessel for the fragrance within.
An anatomic candle that once lit, illuminates the entire piece wick to jaw.
Dancing soft shadows and light glimmers around the room.

Less grim, more chic.

This candle starts as a discarded skull bottle that we transform granting a second life. Because of the rare nature of this bottle and our process, there are only a handful of these available.

We currently have 5 of these candles left this season. We actually only have one Grand Skull which is twice the volume of the classic size, if you were looking to pair size in your design.

I invite you to imagine.
Before the match is struck.
Before the wax pools.
Before the room fills with fragrance, your work is done.

A truly unique and elegant nod to the essence of this mysterious night.




For your convenience, Click here for your Classic Crystal Skull Candle.
Or grab the one and only Grand Skull here.

August 22, 2016


Introducing the 1942 Rocks Glass

As you may (or may not) have noticed, we now have 1942 rocks glasses. Perfect for summertime tequila sipping.


Why is a candle company making tequila glasses?

By accident actually. I was cutting some bottles for our 1942 candle line and I had one of the bottles chip along the rim. It happens. No big deal.

Instead of tossing it, I recut it shorter to use as a tester for a new scent we are planning. It was in the kitchen after cleaning out the 1942 “shorty” for a test pour when the idea hit me...

Rocks glass. Summer. Tequila? Yes!

For fun, I snapped a photo of the new glass in action and sent it out to a few friends. It was crazy. The response was immediate. One guy ordered 16! So we decided to make a few more.

You see, our 12 step cut and polish that transforms bottles into our candles is pro grade as is. We pride ourselves in the craftsmanship and care each candle gets BEFORE scent and wax are even added.

So, believe it or not, making these bottles into safe-to-drink glassware actually doesn’t add any extra steps. Nope! They are ready to go.

We polish away sharp edges and chipping that come from transforming the bottle. So you are left with a beautifully unique rocks glass for sipping the beverage of your choice (tequila? Yes!)

Great, right?

Here’s the thing. We are still testing out this idea and because it is prime summer months, I wanted to share this with you ASAP to see what you thought?

We have added some of these beauties to our site here but we aren’t sure how long we can actually make these. After all, we have to create actual 1942 candles as well. I wanted to extend this introductory rate of $38 for a set (two glasses) to get you started.

This will ship two 1942 rocks glasses to your door, in time for your next summer BBQ.

Depending on response, we could keep these beauties on permanently or perhaps they will only be a limited, summer fun release each year. Who knows? We will revaluate in the coming weeks.

Either way, the price won't stay this low forever.

Head over to the store and pick up a few sets while you can!


November 10, 2015


Candles and a Baby!

We’re back and better than ever! Thank you so much for being part of the After Party Candle squad. I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long! You may not know but I became a mommy for the first time in April! Let’s just say things got a little crazy after that. My daughter is keeping me very busy but I wouldn’t trade those morning smiles for anything in the world.

Now that I’ve mastered, more like wrapped my head around, the balancing act of glass cutting and new mommy life, After Party Candle Company is back and a whole lot better!

I’ve spent all summer hunting down and collecting insanely beautiful bottles and perfecting our champagne candle line. My husband says my passion for collecting bottles can also be called hoarding… Lucky for you guys!

To say THANK YOU for sticking with APCC, I will be sending you a a little pre-holiday gift! An amazing discount for the re-launch of our website and all our upgraded champagne candles. 


I’m sending an exclusive behind the scenes video showing who we are and what we're about.  And I'll be answering the NUMBER ONE question I get asked every day… “How do I cut the bottles?” APCC finally shares our secret! 

I REALLY want to hear from you. Hit the comment button and tell me about your experience with my company or to say HI!


Becky Beck

P.S. I wasn't kidding about wanting to hear from you.  I read every single robots here! Leave a comment and tell me what you think about our candles!