5 Easy Things To Make A Cute Valentine's Day Brunch At Home (even with kids)!

February 10, 2021

5 Easy Things To Make A Cute Valentine's Day Brunch At Home (even with kids)!

My sister suggested I plan a Valentine’s Day brunch for the fam and my head nearly exploded. In fairness though, I was rocking a small post Super Bowl hangover (cheers.).

Here’s the deal– you want a lovely Valentine's Day and brunch is the perfect special thing but you don’t have time to plan anything elaborate (neither do I).

But, we all know if we don’t plan something, the wheels fall off real quick… so to help us, I’ve hacked V-Day brunch! I’ve taken out all the overwhelm and left all the cuteness!

Below are 5 easy things you can do to have the cutest Valentine’s Day brunch for you and the fam, you and your partner, or just you and you!


5 Easy Things To Make A Cute Valentine's Day Brunch At Home


  1. Make heart pancakes using an empty ketchup squirt bottle.

Use boxed pancake mix, pour into squeeze bottle and then create your design. Staring at hearts will just make you smile.

Kids tip: top with whipped cream and sprinkles for extra pizzazz.


  1. Use the fancy glassware!

Stop saving it or worrying about it. Break it out and pour your favorite mimosa or smoothie.

 Kids tip: Add some club soda to their orange juice for some special bubbles.


  1. Create a meadow on your table (pic below for inspo).

This is the easiest way to do flowers. Find one bunch of flowers you love and put them in many different vases, glasses, or cups of all different sizes. One vase gets a single stem, another glass gets three… it will make a meadow of flowers across your table.

 Kids tip: have them do this part. And don’t follow them around changing it ;)


  1. Light a candle!

Heck yes during the day! Elevate your morning and set out a candle or two. I love our Castle Eco Candle and Voyage Eco Candle for this.

 Tip: save and clean the candle glass when finished and it will add life to your table meadow as a vase or a fancy cup for your smoothie next time.


  1. Play something you may hear at a café in Paris or the West Village. I recommend starting with the song Life in Mono or this Paris Café mix.


Hope this sparked an idea to make you feel great on Valentine's Day. You deserve to feel great.


Sending much love!


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