Candle-Making Kit Step-By-Step Instructions

March 22, 2020

Candle-Making Kit Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1

Set up your workspace. To pour your first fragrance you will need:

From your kitchen:

1 small saucepan

A rag for spills

From your Kit:

1 metal pitcher

1 thermometer

1 pre-weighed and wrapped package of coconut wax

1 glass beaker for mixing fragrance oil

1 mini whisk/spoon for blending fragrance oil and wax together

4 (or more depending on kit size) bottles of fragrance oil

1 (or more depending on kit size) eco candle glass vessel

1 (or more depending on kit size) 100% cotton wick

1 (or more depending on kit size) glue tab

Becky's Tip: I recommend choosing an old saucepan that you don't use frequently, just in case there is some wax residue left behind.


Step 2

Fill the small saucepan with about two inches of water and place it on the stovetop. Turn the burner to medium heat.

Note: Be extra careful if using a gas stovetop. Wax or oil dripping on the open flame can be a safety hazard.

Step 3

Fill your metal pitcher with one 7 ounce package of the coconut wax from your kit and place the metal pitcher in the saucepan of water. This creates a double boiler and allows the wax to melt safely.

Note: Never put your metal pitcher directly on the flame.

Becky's Tip: Place the handle of the pitcher over the side of your saucepan to keep the pitcher straight and secure.

Step 4:

Remove one protective side of the glue tab and press onto the bottom of your wick. Then, remove the other side of glue tab protective paper and firmly press onto the center of your eco candle glass vessel.  Gently straighten wick.

Step 5:

Slide wick bar onto wick. There is a small slit in the center of the wick bar the wick will slide into with minimal effort. Wick should be straight with  no slack.

Step 6:

Fragrance blending time! Smell each oil and decide what custom blend you will create for your candle.

Using the glass mixing beaker from your kit, add a TOTAL of 30ml of fragrance oil to the 30ml line on your beaker.

Note: DO NOT pour more than 30ml of fragrance oil! Your coconut wax candle cannot hold more than that and may leak oil once dried if you add too much oil.  Leftover fragrance oil can be used in your bathtub or shower. A few drops go a long way.

Step 7:

As the wax melts, use your whisk to slowly stir the wax periodically. This will help the wax melt a bit faster. Once the wax is completely melted check the temperature using the thermometer from your kit. When the wax reaches a temperature between 185-190 degrees, remove it from the heat. If it gets hotter than 190 degrees, remove from heat and allow it to cool to 190 degrees before continuing to the next step.

Note: Wax must NOT be hotter than 190 degrees when the fragrance oil is poured in otherwise the fragrance oil will burn off and your candle will not be as fragrant.

Step 8:

When your wax is at the ideal temperature of 185-190 degrees, add the fragrance oil blend you created. Pour the 30ml of mixed oil from the glass beaker into the metal pitcher, and slowly mix with your whisk/spoon.

Step 9:

Turn off the stovetop burner. Allow the wax and oil to cool together to a temperature of 115 degrees before pouring. When the wax has cooled to 115 degrees, it is ready to pour! Give the wax and oil a final stir with your whisk/spoon before pouring. Fill your eco candle glass vessel with the wax.

Step 10:

After pouring, gently center the wick and wick bar to the center of the glass before letting it cool.

Becky's Tip: Pour slowly to prevent bubbles and spills.

Before Lighting:

Allow your candle to cool for 24 hours before lighting. Trim your candle wick to 1/4 inch. Light and enjoy your eco candle!

Once your metal pitcher is safe to handle, wash with hot water and dish soap.

Note: If your kit has more than once eco glass candle vessel, make sure the metal pitcher is completely dry before starting your next candle.

Becky's Tip: At your sink, pour hot water from your saucepan into your wax pitcher for easier cleanup. The hot water helps break up the cooled wax left behind on the pitcher. 

Thank you for creating your very own custom eco candle! You'll enjoy your signature fragrance for hours and be proud that you saved a bottle from a U.S. landfill! If you know anyone else who would like to make their own custom eco candle while helping save the planet, please send them our way. 

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