Crystal Skull

October 17, 2016

Crystal Skull

Do you decorate for Halloween?

I don’t know about you, but with Halloween, the word "decorate" brings to mind images of my junior high school cafeteria.

Long tables in rows, mismatched chairs, cool kids by the window. Loud…

It's pizza day.

Everything is as it should be. Except starting October 1st, each door now has a friendly ghost or rolly-eyed witch in mid cackle. Flat paper skeletons hang every other wall with brass tacks at the joints lifeless. Maybe a festive lunch lady has a fake spider dangling from her hair net.

Looking back it was the same rerun of clichéd characters. Afterthoughts slapped up with no real ties to the Hallows Eve tradition.

“Whoa! Easy! It's just school decorations for Halloween. What's the big deal?”

You’re right!

As kids we didn’t care about quality design or refinement. All we knew was we had to costume it up to collect miniature candies at the end of the month.

BUT I do feel the season’s conventional ideas of decor were implanted in our being, unquestioned all those years ago.

What if it could be just a little different? Updated. For us.

What if the season of kid friendly spooooookiness still coasts along the surface like normal, but underneath for us, is a pulse of clandestine sophistication?

What if as the cool air comes in this year, after the pumpkins have settled on the porch steps, wine is poured and the house is finally still, you arrange a special skull on your coffee table.

"Hang on. Wait, what??"

This is a different type of skull. No bone. Think crystal.

This is the most unique candle we create.

A skull concept redesigned as a transparent vessel for the fragrance within.
An anatomic candle that once lit, illuminates the entire piece wick to jaw.
Dancing soft shadows and light glimmers around the room.

Less grim, more chic.

This candle starts as a discarded skull bottle that we transform granting a second life. Because of the rare nature of this bottle and our process, there are only a handful of these available.

We currently have 5 of these candles left this season. We actually only have one Grand Skull which is twice the volume of the classic size, if you were looking to pair size in your design.

I invite you to imagine.
Before the match is struck.
Before the wax pools.
Before the room fills with fragrance, your work is done.

A truly unique and elegant nod to the essence of this mysterious night.




For your convenience, Click here for your Classic Crystal Skull Candle.
Or grab the one and only Grand Skull here.

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