The Best Father's Day Gift Guide

May 18, 2021

The Best Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is coming up and the fact is– guys are hard to shop for.  You want to get them something thoughtful but also a gift they'll use.


Add in all the other things you have to think of like planning kids' birthdays, summer camp enrollment, what's for dinner, and can they go one more day without a bath, and your brain is fried. 

I get it.

To help, I've put together the perfect Father's Day gift guide so you can feel great about your (thoughtful and amazing) gift without going bananas.

 Check out the 5 gift ideas below and see which one (or two!) is perfect for the father figure in your life!




1. For the family man– let dad and the kiddos spend some time together and make a candle with our Classic Candle Making Kit.  They'll be so excited to blend their own fragrance and then light it together! Need more than one candle? Shop our Deluxe Candle Making Kit (3 candles and free shipping!) so everyone can make their own!


2. For the tequila loving man– elevate his at home happy hour with a set of our Don Julio 1942 rocks glasses or a pair of our Clase Azul margarita glasses.  He'll be blown away and have a lot of questions on how you even found them. These are super rare and sell out very quickly.


3. For the working from home man– level up his home office vibe with one of our 1942 candles and Clase Azul candles. They smell even more amazing then they look!


4. For the "he already has everything" man– save an empty bottle of his favorite whisky and have us transform it into a completely custom candle.  Just get ready to hear him brag about it every time someone new comes over ;)


5. For the Earth loving man– make him smile every time he lights one of our Scented Eco Candles knowing he helped the planet! Every eco candle started as a bottle saved from a landfill.  Plus, it makes a rad drinking glass afterwards.  I think Dad would love either our Altar, Castle, Voyage, or Cashmere scents!


Hope this helps you feel great about your gifts this Father's Day!




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