Introducing the 1942 Rocks Glass

August 22, 2016

As you may (or may not) have noticed, we now have 1942 rocks glasses. Perfect for summertime tequila sipping.


Why is a candle company making tequila glasses?

By accident actually. I was cutting some bottles for our 1942 candle line and I had one of the bottles chip along the rim. It happens. No big deal.

Instead of tossing it, I recut it shorter to use as a tester for a new scent we are planning. It was in the kitchen after cleaning out the 1942 “shorty” for a test pour when the idea hit me...

Rocks glass. Summer. Tequila? Yes!

For fun, I snapped a photo of the new glass in action and sent it out to a few friends. It was crazy. The response was immediate. One guy ordered 16! So we decided to make a few more.

You see, our 12 step cut and polish that transforms bottles into our candles is pro grade as is. We pride ourselves in the craftsmanship and care each candle gets BEFORE scent and wax are even added.

So, believe it or not, making these bottles into safe-to-drink glassware actually doesn’t add any extra steps. Nope! They are ready to go.

We polish away sharp edges and chipping that come from transforming the bottle. So you are left with a beautifully unique rocks glass for sipping the beverage of your choice (tequila? Yes!)

Great, right?

Here’s the thing. We are still testing out this idea and because it is prime summer months, I wanted to share this with you ASAP to see what you thought?

We have added some of these beauties to our site here but we aren’t sure how long we can actually make these. After all, we have to create actual 1942 candles as well. I wanted to extend this introductory rate of $38 for a set (two glasses) to get you started.

This will ship two 1942 rocks glasses to your door, in time for your next summer BBQ.

Depending on response, we could keep these beauties on permanently or perhaps they will only be a limited, summer fun release each year. Who knows? We will revaluate in the coming weeks.

Either way, the price won't stay this low forever.

Head over to the store and pick up a few sets while you can!


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