Candle-Making Kits

Summer Candle-Making Kit

"I'm beyond impressed and so happy with my candle kit! The scent combos you sent with it smell so great!" – Karissa

Make two candles and thrive this summer with fresh new summer scents in this Eco candle-making kit.

Scent Inspiration:

Think long days and easy nights. Fresh greens and secret garden paths. Sun-ripe citrus and stone fruits hanging low.

Kit includes all candle-making hardware and has everything you need to make and enjoy your pair of Eco Candles. Get creative and blend our summer fragrances into your two custom eco candles.

Each candle vessel is a cut bottle saved from a U.S. landfill. Made with sustainable coconut wax and a 100% cotton wick. No Phthalates. Zero animal testing. 

Get your candle kit and beat the heat relaxing in your home while helping our planet. 

It's easy. You can't mess this up! All fragrances have been hand-selected to blend together beautifully. The mix-and-match options are endless and totally up to you.

New Summer Fragrances:

Citrus Splash. Bamboo Breeze. Juicy Peach. Aqua Petals. Plum Blossom. Neroli Sunrise.

Summer Candle-Making Kit makes two (2) candles and includes: 

Two reusable eco glass candle vessels, metal pitcher, two packs of sustainable wax, two cotton wicks, six fragrance oils, two wick bars, whisk, glue tabs, fragrance mixing beaker, thermometer, summer inspiration card, and step-by-step candle making instructions. 

Already have your candle-making hardware from one of our other kits? You just need a Refill! Grab a Summer Refill Kit Here. Note: our refill kits are only designed to safely work with our hardware. Do not use your own candle making gear to make any of our candle refill kits as it could be hazardous.