Day Dreamsicle

This creation stirs up good times.  Think spring melting into long summer days.  Go way back.  Grass-blade whistles and warm nights.  Pop the top off a worry-free childhood memory.  Citrus fruits and crisp lemon leaves.  Grapefruit peel and bergamot rooted in green woods.  Sun-kissed tangerine with no seeds.  It’s a one-of-a-kind, first kiss, staying-out-till-the-streetlights-come-on kinda vibe. We encourage you to keep that smile on your face well after the candle goes out.

It leaves your space feeling like a crisp, green citrus grove that you might stumble upon taking a new way home in your old neighborhood.

Each Small Batch Champagne Candle is transformed from a champagne bottle and hand-poured in small batches. These exclusive runs preserve our creativity and guarantee the highest quality candles make their way into your home.


  • One reimagined champagne bottle stripped of past labels, cut, and fire polished.
  • Premium sustainable coconut wax.
  • Cotton wick.
  • Hand-poured, potent, high-grade blend of fragrance and essential oils balanced for safety and candle performance.
  • Batch info written by hand on each label signifies the uniqueness of each transformation.

Measurements: 10 oz candle, 4.5 inches tall, 3-inch diameter.

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