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Our Mission:

To create super-fun experiences and eco-friendly products that help you feel good!

We want your home to smell amazing and you to feel great helping the planet with us.

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Becky Beck cutting bottles and making candles

Our Story: It started with Champagne

Nothing elevates special occasions like a bottle of champagne. However, once emptied, the bottle is tossed in the trash and forgotten. Becky envisioned transforming these empty bottles into candles as the perfect way to give them new life.

In 2013 on any given night, you could find Becky around Los Angeles' top nightclubs at 3am, dumpster diving for empty, premium bottles of champagne. Going as soon as clubs closed ensured minimal damage to the bottle labels.

After transforming many bottles into eco-candles we became obsessed with making a bigger impact. We not only wanted to bring you the most eco-friendly candle we could make – we wanted to bring the fun EXPERIENCE of making candles to you.  The eco candle-making kits was the perfect way to bring custom-fragrance, candle making into your home.

We still transform all types of bottles into custom candles. If you have your own special bottle that you'd like to transform into a one-of-a-kind candle go here. We would be happy to create a custom candle for you.



What makes us so Eco-Friendly?

We've learned a lot transforming bottles into candles and everyday we look for new ways to improve our candle for your home and the planet. 

1. Up-Cycled bottle vessels

You are saving a bottle with every candle purchase. Our candle glass is 100% made from up-cycled bottles. Fun Fact: Up-cycling glass only uses 1% of the energy it takes to create new candle glass.

2. Pure Ingredients

You get a candle hand poured with safe, sustainable, natural coconut wax and pure ingredients. No petroleum, zero animal testing, no phthalates, lyral free, and no harsh chemicals unsafe for your home. Our all-natural cotton wicks give you a long lasting, clean burning candle.

3. Eco-Friendly Packaging

We aim for zero waste in our products and our company. Our minimal packaging is earth friendly and recyclable. Some aspects are compostable. We're always on the lookout to improve and better help our planet.

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Here's a video of how our family company got our start. Transforming all those bottles into luxury candles. We still have a handful of these rare beauties available on our site, but they tend to sell out fast when we re-release them to our mailing list.