Our Story*



We are renegade artists on a mission to breathe new life into forgotten vessels. 

  • We transform empty champagne bottles destined for the trash into up-cycled luxury candles for the home.
  • Our story is equal parts wild alchemy and precision craft.
  • In a rushed, mass-produced world, we slow down our process to ensure each detail.  
  • We speak to bold and curious tastemakers interested in one-of-a-kind delights. Fellow visionaries with an eye for charm and a love of story, guided by a socially conscious heart.
  • We are a family company that believes in fun and the magic of transformation.
  • We take pride in unearthing rare gems and reimagining beauty. 
  • We've learned that what's on the inside always counts.
  • Brightening your heart and home make us feel alive.  Without you, we would be the most romantic idea that never existed. 
    At After After Party Candle Company, we believe everything deserves a second chance to be beautiful.



    We started everything from our Southern California driveway and still pride ourselves in our work and mission.  Most of all, we are honored to share this dream and journey with you.