Be Fig 'n' Beautiful

This new creation encourages you to step into your own beauty.  Wild, ripe fig balanced with earthy cedar woods and lush greens.  Hints of oakmoss and fog with a robust red currant keeps the journey grounded.  Think less basic fruit fragrance, more inner power – with roots solidly in the earth.  It flirts with the nose and becomes more sophisticated as the wax pools, leaving your space feeling like a fig orchard if you were to find one on the California coast, overgrown and untouched.

Each Small Batch Champagne Candle is transformed from a champagne bottle and hand-poured in small batches. These exclusive runs preserve our creativity and guarantee the highest quality candles make their way into your home.


  • One reimagined champagne bottle stripped of past labels, cut, and fire polished.
  • Premium sustainable coconut wax.
  • Cotton wick.
  • Hand-poured, potent, high-grade blend of fragrance and essential oils balanced for safety and candle performance.
  • Batch info written by hand on each label signifies the uniqueness of each transformation.

Measurements: 10 oz candle, 4.5 inches tall, 3-inch diameter.

Pre-Order details:  This limited small-batch run is currently being poured and will ship out real soon.  Our last batch (Jump Fir Joy) sold out in five days so now's the time to grab yours early.  Thank you so much for being part of this journey, we love sharing each of these transformations with you.

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