Clase Azul Candle-Making Kit

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Everything you need to make your own Clase Azul candle. Easily mix your own fragrance and pour your own candle from your home. Candle-making supplies included with step-by-step, easy instructions. This is an actual handpainted Clase Azule bottle that we hand cut for you.

Each bottle will vary slightly due to the handpainted exterior. Due to the nature of this bottle, this one candle is more than double the size of our Eco Candle-Making Kits.

Kit includes:

1 cut Clase Azul bottle, 6 fragrance oils (two more than pictured!) to blend, 1 mixing beaker to blend your fragrance, 1 melting pitcher to melt your wax, 1 thermometer, whisk, wick bar, 1 package of sustainable coconut wax, 1 cotton wick with glue tab.