Classic Candle Kit Refill

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Refill, please! Our classic refill kit is the perfect opportunity to add a candle to your kit or simply have another amazing candle-making adventure with the Classic Fragrance oils! The classic kit includes fragrance oils perfect for any time of year.

Scent Inspiration:

Beautifully bold. Bright and playful – a symphony of mood. Earthy greens and energizing woods. Fresh florals in full bloom. Mysterious musks and delicious fruits ripe for the picking. Happy blending!

1-Candle Refill Kit includes:

4 fragrance oil blends: Green Cedarleaf, Grapefruit Acai, White Floral, and Sandalwood Musk

1 glass made from a bottle

1 package of eco wax

1 cotton wick, 1 wick bar and glue tab

1 candle labels to remember the experience


Benefits of creating you’re own signature candle:

Creative activities reduce stress and slay boredom.

Scent is a personal way to ease anxiety.

You get an amazing candle to enjoy for hours later.

This is a FUN candle experience you can't get from store-bought candles. There's nothing like creating a special fragrance completely unique to you and your home - plus you're helping the planet with every kit purchase! The perfect gift for candle lovers or anyone who prefers experiences over just another “thing.”

It’s step-by-step easy. You can't mess this up! All fragrances have been hand-selected to blend together beautifully. The mix-and-match options are endless and totally up to you. Get creative and blend your own custom eco candle while helping our planet.

What makes each kit so Eco-Friendly?

Feel good knowing you help the planet with every candle you make! The candle glass is made from a bottle which saves a ton of energy. Your wax, wicks, and fragrance are clean-burning, safe, and sustainable! No Phthalates. Zero animal testing. 

**Note** No candle-making hardware included in this Refill kit. Please see our full Candle-Making Kits if you have never made a candle with us before. You will need a metal pour pitcher, thermometer, fragrance mixing beaker, whisk and other included candle details we include in our full kits.

Also, please note: Our refill kits are ONLY designed to be used with our provided hardware. Do not use our refill kits with your own candle-making gear or candle vessels other than our eco glasses as it could be hazardous.