Fall Refill Kit

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Refill, please! The Fall Refill kit is the perfect opportunity to add a candle(s) to your kit or simply have another amazing candle-making adventure with the Fall Fragrance oils!

Scent Inspiration:

Shorter days bring crisp breezes and cashmere sweaters. Time to grab a blanket and cuddle up. Crushed spices and sweet citrus. Vanilla bean, apple ciders, and pumpkin chais. Leaves are falling and wood fires crackle as you welcome the season’s comfortable calm. Happy blending!

1-Candle Refill Kit includes:

4 fragrance oil blends: Midnight Apple, Pumpkin Chai, Smoke & Leaves, and Vanilla Cream.

1 glass made from a bottle

1 package of eco wax

1 cotton wick, 1 wick bar and glue tab

1 candle labels to remember the experience


Benefits of creating you’re own signature candle:

Creative activities reduce stress and slay boredom.

Scent is a personal way to ease anxiety.

You get an amazing candle to enjoy for hours later.

This is a FUN candle experience you can't get from store-bought candles. There's nothing like creating a special fragrance completely unique to you and your home - plus you're helping the planet with every kit purchase! The perfect gift for candle lovers or anyone who prefers experiences over just another “thing.”


It’s step-by-step easy. You can't mess this up! All fragrances have been hand-selected to blend together beautifully. The mix-and-match options are endless and totally up to you. Get creative and blend your own custom eco candle while helping our planet.

What makes each kit so Eco-Friendly?

Feel good knowing you help the planet with every candle you make! The candle glass is made from a bottle which saves a ton of energy. Your wax, wicks, and fragrance are clean-burning, safe, and sustainable! No Phthalates. Zero animal testing. 

**Note** No candle-making hardware included in this Refill kit. Please see our full Candle-Making Kits if you have never made a candle with us before. You will need a metal wax pour pitcher, thermometer, fragrance mixing beaker, whisk, and other included candle details we include in our full kits.

Also, please note: Our refill kits are ONLY designed to be used with our provided hardware. Do not use our refill kits with your own candle-making gear or candle vessels other than our eco glasses as it could be hazardous.